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Energy Management Overseas

Energy conservation,
reduction and cutting
in overseas factories

There are various issues related to energy management at overseas plants.

  • It's not possible to manage these
    issues properly by leaving them
    up to the local employees.
  • Detailed analysis is not available.
  • It is unclear what to do in the first place.
  • General Affairs Division,
    Head Office

In other countries, the language is different so the culture and customs are also different.

Different languages, customs, and cultures lead to different levels of awareness about energy management, and smooth communication is often difficult. Therefore, the equipment (machinery) may not be able to perform or may break easily.
In addition, in energy management, there are often situations where people don't realize waste is being produced, or even if they do know waste is being produced, they don't know what the solution is, or they are too busy with production to worry about waste.

With KEPCO's global solutions, we can customize solutions and provide consistent support according to the customer's problems and circumstances.

Benefits of global solutions

  • One-stop assistance
    from research to operation

    KEPCO provides one-stop services from survey, planning, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance.

  • Management of your facilities by energy professionals

    Leave the management of your facilities to the energy professionals at KEPCO.

  • Effective use of subsidies

    The labor-intensive application process for subsidies is carried out by KEPCO.
    The ability to obtain subsidies can further reduce running costs.

  • No initial costs required

    Because the equipment is installed as an asset of KEPCO, there are no initial costs to the customer. (*Depending on the condition of the building and equipment, customers may be asked to pay a portion of the costs)

  • Providing the best system to suit your needs

    KEPCO can customize a system to meet the demands of our customers.

Customers who can experience the benefits of global solutions

  • with overseas factories

  • have issues with CO2 reduction and cost reduction

  • want to outsource their facilities management

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Onsite Services (1):
Heat and Electricity supply service

We provide heat and electricity supply services through the introduction of gas cogeneration for customers who are concerned about product damage caused by lightning, vulnerable power supply interruptions, etc., as well as those who are also concerned about reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions, which increase as equipment ages.



Effects from using our services

  • Doubling up of power from grid power and gas engines
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Improved environmental performance: reduced CO2 emissions
  • PR effects of CO2 reduction efforts through the use of JCM

On-site service (2):
Heat (cooling) supply service

We provide heat supply services using high-efficiency chillers to customers who are concerned about replacing aging chillers, reducing CO2 emissions, and managing facilities at overseas plants.



Service effects

  • Improves O&M reliability and enables continuous energy-saving operations
  • Installation of modular chillers to ensure redundancy
  • Reduction of chilled water costs
  • Improved environmental performance: reduced CO2 emissions
  • PR effects of CO2 reduction efforts through the use of JCM

On-site service (3):
Electricity supply service

We provide the following benefits for customers considering the introduction of a solar power generation system: Reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of electricity charges, BCP measures in case of a disaster, improved work environment in factories, enhanced company image, trustworthy solar power generation from a reliable company, and more.

Service effects

  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Improved environmental performance: reduced CO2 emissions
  • PR effects of CO2 reduction efforts through the use of JCM

Energy Saving Consulting Service

For customers who want to save energy but do not have the knowledge or resources to do so and do not know where to start, or who want to improve the workplace environment, we can propose energy-saving measures for your entire plant at minimal costs, with a level perspective that only an energy company can provide.

Consultation Flow

  • 1

    Initial visitAsking customers about their needs, issues and energy use

  • 2

    Getting customer dataInternal drawings, equipment specifications, load data such as operating hours of heat source facilities, energy information by month and time, etc.

  • 3

    Onsite inspectionIdentifying energy waste and loss, and proposing energy conservation measures for the entire factory, including identification of areas in need of improvement and layout.

  • 4

    Measure reportProposal of quantitative energy-saving measures, introducing energy-saving ideas, and introducing measures to improve the workplace environment.

Consultation examples

  • Analysis of customer data

  • Recycling waste heat

  • Air conditioning temperature optimization

  • Introduction of heat pump

  • Making highly efficient boilers

  • Updating chillers

  • Reducing pump energy

The subjected equipment is only an example and equipment is not limited to this. We will make considerations upon consultation.

I-REC Services

I-REC is a system for trading the environmental value of electricity generated by overseas renewable energy sources in the form of international environmental certificates called I-RECs. Under typical international initiatives, the I-REC-equivalent electricity consumption acquired can be reported as renewable electricity.


Name International Renewable Energy Certification
”The International REC Standard Foundation” (a non-profit organization)
Head Office
The Netherlands
40 countries as of December 2021
Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, China etc.
Please contact us for details.
SBT certified

Image of I-REC transactions


Sample work

Onsite service at Sony Technology (Thailand)

Testimonials We adopted this service because we thought it would enable us to meet our challenges of upgrading to high-efficiency systems and optimizing the operation of utility facilities by outsourcing to KEPCO, a professional energy provider.
Compared to our previous system, which did not enable us to achieve proper operation and management, we are very satisfied with the dramatic improvement in efficiency, which has resulted in energy and CO2 reductions beyond our expectations.
In the future, we would like to entrust other equipment, such as solar power generation, to KEPCO.


  • Q
  • Is it possible to have a direct interview onsite, as the local situation is unclear in Japan?
  • A
  • Yes, it is. We will listen to your situation and propose the most appropriate service.
  • Q
  • Do you have a fixed contract term?
  • A
  • Onsite service:
    When using the JCM subsidy, the monitoring period for CO2 reduction is set according to the useful life of the system, so we will often set the period to 15 to 17 years. If JCM is not used, the term is determined upon consultation.
    Energy saving consultation:
    Depending on the size and scope, the term can last anywhere from a few months to a year.
    Single and multi-year contracts are available.
  • Q
  • Are off-balance sheet services possible?
  • A
  • It depends on the accountant's judgment, so confirmation is necessary.
  • Q
  • In which countries do you offer your services?
  • A
  • Our local subsidiary is located in Thailand.
    We will consider other countries upon consultation.